RIEGL is an international leading provider of cutting edge technology in airborne, mobile, terrestrial, industrial and unmanned laser scanning solutions for various surveying applications. For mining applications, RIEGL offers a broad portfolio of long range terrestrial 3D laser scanners with measurement ranges up to 6000 m. The new VZ-2000i 3D Laser Scanner combines proven user friendliness in the field with fast and highly accurate data acquisition. The real-time, on-board registered point clouds can be directly uploaded to remote storage and to the cloud to apply further automated analysis steps common in monitoring, autonomous machine control, volume calculations, blast planning, and break line extraction.

Additionally, various RIEGL mobile mapping systems, laser scanners and fully-integrated turnkey solutions for airborne applications, as well as LiDAR sensors for unmanned laser scanning, and the RiCOPTER – RIEGL‘s high performance turnkey solution for professional UAS surveying missions – are available for mine surveying missions. All RIEGL LiDAR sensors and system are characterized by compact and rugged designs, highest measurement capabilities and performance under adverse environmental conditions – ideally suited for applications in the harsh environment of open-cast mines, quarries and dump sites.

For more information: www.riegl.com.

For Finland and Estonia RIEGL is cooperating with their distribution partner Nordic Geo Center Oy (Ltd.), www.geocenter.fi who bring all of the technology and developments from the head office in Austria to these markets.