ITW Performance Polymers offers Devcon®, Korrobond® and Densit® repair, wear & abrasion and flooring solutions for the mining industry. Our solutions include crusher backing compounds, rubber & belt repair, metal repair, corrosion & erosion repair, abrasion resistant wearing compounds, and high-performance flooring for mine infrastructure.

Featured products

Devcon R-Flex Belt Repair:

Devcon belt repair solutions are formulated to quickly repair tears, holes and gouges as well as protecting clips in heavy weight conveyor belts. Our long-lasting solutions ensure fast, economical and long-term repairs. The rapidly curing urethane compounds are easy to mix and can have the repaired belt back in service just 90 minutes after application.

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Devcon DFense Blok:

DFense Blok is a revolutionary wear and abrasion protection epoxy compound formulated to significantly outlast traditional wear and abrasion products while also providing superior performance in the most severe conditions.

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Devcon General Repair Solutions:

Devcon high-performance repair solutions aim to get your critical equipment back to service quickly to minimize downtime and reduce costs. Our metal-filled epoxies are fast and permanent metal repair solutions and our ceramic-filled epoxy technology enables permanent corrosion resistance to pumps, shafts, pipes and tanks.

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