Mining Finland gathers together Finnish mining, exploration and mining technology companies to promote direct investments to Finland and to promote Finnish mining technology export and international networking. Through Mining Finland our stakeholders have straight access to different actors in Finnish mining and downstream industry cluster. Mining Finland arranges for its member companies networking and match making events all over the world.

Finland is a mining country with hundreds years of history. The close operation between mining companies like Outokumpu, Rautaruukki, technology companies like Outotec, Metso, Normet, Sandvik and research organization like Geological Survey of Finland, VTT together with government funding agencies have created good platform for technology innovation and development in the country. This excellent research and development infrastructure does not restrict only in Finland. The close cooperation with other Nordic countries makes the area a leading hub in green and sustainable mining development.

Most of the land area of Nordic countries belongs to Fennoscandian shield, having more than one hundred operating mines, tens of advance projects and exploration targets and huge potential for undiscovered resources. Based on recent comparative studies between Finnish mineralization zones and similar global formations, it is shown that Finland has significant potential for new discoveries and mine development, particularly of Au, base metals, Pt, Pd and of some strategic metals like Li.

Finnish favorable mining investment environment is based on strong infrastructure with extensive road, rail, port and data networks covering whole Finland, competitive energy and energy infrastructure, stable political and social environment supported by predictable, transparent and long term mining policies.

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