AS Datel is one of the oldest and largest Estonian-owned IT enterprises. The company’s strength lies in its vast experience in the field of information system and software development, as well as that of IT hardware and presentation technology. During its 28 years of operation, Datel has made life easier and simpler for many Estonians by creating numerous Estonian e-state services. Some of the e-Estonia backbone services created by Datel are: Estonian national cadastral information system, State Land Information System, Land Tax Information System, Address Management System.
In 2013, Datel established a subsidiary in the U.S.

Extensive experience in developing map applications and spatial data analysis as well as visualization in both Estonia and elsewhere in the world has been invaluable to Datel‘ s team when developing innovative early warning system, SILLE. The early warning system SILLE uses data from European Union satellites to detect the shifts and subsidence of infrastructure such as bridges, pipelines, port areas, mines and large buildings with a precision of up to 1 mm. This innovative service helps to prevent accidents caused by deterioration of infrastructure and thus contributes to the general safety of society.
SILLE made the monitoring of technical conditions of infrastructure accessible and financially feasible even for medium-sized companies and organizations. It can be used, for example to detect deformation hazards and carry out structural subsidence analyses and surveys for buildings on unstable ground, such as above clay or underground mines. All of this is carried out by automatic algorithms and the results are regularly verified by experts and by comparison with on-site measurements.

Active mining processes can cause seismic activity, negatively affecting communities and infrastructure. Satellite monitoring can identify subsidence and structural defects that are otherwise undetectable. Datel’s e-service SILLE, offers a proactive tool for structural integrity monitoring and disaster prevention. In addition to identifying if surrounding construction, mining, or geological subsidence has caused deformation or structural weaknesses, the service also allows users to develop a timeline for existing subsidence related issues, including data that land or structural deformities pre-existed construction or mining work.
Sille’s data can bolster transparency in the mining industry by assessing land and surrounding structures before and after mining to detect possible movement. This data can also be used as evidence to show that mining has in fact not caused any damages.

SILLE benefits:
• Systematic monitoring of large or small areas
• Coverage of the entire world
• It works in all weather conditions
• Giving early warning by monitoring and evaluating safety risks that emerge slowly and cannot be seen with visual inspection
• Indicating places where additional inspections should be carried out
• High accuracy measurement comparable to geodetics
• Survey wide areas without a tripod
• Subscription based service – pay per use
• Applicable to all stages of construction – planning, construction, operation
• After a failure or structural problem, data can show the reasons it occurred and prove that prevention was impossible
• Parallel historic and modern displacement for a broad understanding of local ground subsidence
• Minimize cost of community distrust and physical damage

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